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PGSS was awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for "Innovation in Programming" by IGSSS during the partners meeting held at Guwahati Read More
PGSS won First Prize at National Level competition for the best Annual Report, organized by Caritas India in Bangalore Read More
International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD) was celebrated on 02nd December 2017 in Gorakhpur. 2792 Children/Persons with Disabilities joined for the celebration. Read More
International Women's Day- 2018 was celebration in all the Community Centres of PGSS in all Seven Districts of Gorakhpur- Basti Divisions Read More
State Award for PGSS: State Government of U.P. awarded PGSS for creating ‘barrier-free environment' on 03/08/2017 given by Shri Yogi Adityanath ji (Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P.) Read More
Fr Varghese, Director of PGSS, received the State Award from Shri Yogi Adityanath ji (Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) on 03/12/17 for creating Barrier-Free Environment for PwDs Read More
Launch of Disability Inclusive Unit for the production of Low Cost Sanitary Pads for Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Read More
Inauguration of Disability Inclusive FPO (KMPCL) on Collection & Processing of Milk at Kushinagar on 05/06/18 Read More
Dr Sara Varughese(CBM) in the presence of Most Rev Thomas Thuruthimattam & other Dignitaries, inaugurated the Disability Inclusive FPO on Central Processing of Organic Food Products on 11/08/17 Read More
Inauguration on CHILD HELP DESK (CHD) at Gorakhpur Railway Station on 12 June 2018 with the support of CHILDLINE India Foundation Read More
National Award - FIRST PRIZE - ‘Social Innovation 2018' for innovation in the process of inclusion of persons with disabilities through organic farming practices given by Caritas India on 18 Oct 2018 Read More
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We visualize a society based on justice, gender equity and fullness of life for all.


Empowerment of the Marginalized People of the society, especially the Dalits, Women and Children through a process of awareness, organization and collective actions for raising their socio-political, educational, economic, health status and promotion of safe environment


A process of animation among women and men to become aware, form and organize into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated, participatory and sustainable development

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Issue Addressed

Interventions of PGSS are aimed at the most oppressed, disadvantaged and marginalised people in the villages like Dalits, Scheduled Castes and Tribes, and Other Backward Classes who are landless, powerless, and voiceless. PGSS strives for integrated development of men, women, youth and children in the selected target areas. While doing so it addresses a host of issues confronting the target group:

1. Women Empowerment
PGSS believes that women need to be empowered to bring them out of their present, which is moribund.

2. Economic Empowerment
The area in which PGSS works is one of the poorest in Uttar Pradesh. Economic empowerment of the prerequisite of development. In view of this, a number of steps have been taken for economic empowerment of the people.

3. Community Health
Health is a neglected issue in vast rural areas of the country. Poor health is one of the reasons behind backwardness of the area. PGSS is trying to improve health of the target groups.

4.Strenthening of PRIs
Following the Seventy Third Amendment to the Constitution, panchayats should have become vehicle of development in rural areas. Sadly, that has not happened because panchayat leadership has not changed much and also because of lack of participation of the people that they represent. Strengthening panchayati raj system is high on the agenda of PGSS.

5.Gender and Development
Women have by and large left out of development and the fruits of development have largely been cornered by men. PGSS lays emphasis on linking women with development.

6. Environment and Ecology
Human action is degrading environment. For healthy society it is necessary to conserve and develop environment.

7. Community Based Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities(PwDs)
Mainstreaming of the Persons with Disability (PwDs) including Children with Disability (CwDs) has been an important concern of the organization. The program called ‘Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)’ is a reflection of this concern. With a helping hand from Stitching Liliane Fonds (SLF), Varanasi, the organization promotes the community based rehabilitation of CwDs through its community centres. The components of the program include medical aid, counseling, educational aid, vocational training for initiating livelihood, empowerment through groups of CwDs and their parents and their access to the government programs like pension, rail/bus concession etc.

8. Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR)
The area in which PGSS operates is disaster prone. Disaster preparedness is one of the ways to cope with these disasters and PGSS is making efforts towards this end.

9. Children's Issues
Though the children are future of the nation, they are neglected in the area because of a complex web of factors, prominent of which is poverty. PGSS is addressing the children's issues through a number of interventions.

10. Empowerment of Marginalised Communities
Musahars are one of the most marginalised communities among Scheduled Castes and are aptly called dalits among dalits. Interventions of PGSS are targeted at their social and economic empowerment.


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