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PGSS was awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for "Innovation in Programming" by IGSSS during the partners meeting held at Guwahati Read More
PGSS won First Prize at National Level competition for the best Annual Report, organized by Caritas India in Bangalore Read More
International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD) was celebrated on 02nd December 2017 in Gorakhpur. 2792 Children/Persons with Disabilities joined for the celebration. Read More
International Women's Day- 2018 was celebration in all the Community Centres of PGSS in all Seven Districts of Gorakhpur- Basti Divisions Read More
State Award for PGSS: State Government of U.P. awarded PGSS for creating ‘barrier-free environment' on 03/08/2017 given by Shri Yogi Adityanath ji (Hon’ble Chief Minister of U.P.) Read More
Fr Varghese, Director of PGSS, received the State Award from Shri Yogi Adityanath ji (Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) on 03/12/17 for creating Barrier-Free Environment for PwDs Read More
Launch of Disability Inclusive Unit for the production of Low Cost Sanitary Pads for Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Read More
Inauguration of Disability Inclusive FPO (KMPCL) on Collection & Processing of Milk at Kushinagar on 05/06/18 Read More
Dr Sara Varughese(CBM) in the presence of Most Rev Thomas Thuruthimattam & other Dignitaries, inaugurated the Disability Inclusive FPO on Central Processing of Organic Food Products on 11/08/17 Read More
Inauguration on CHILD HELP DESK (CHD) at Gorakhpur Railway Station on 12 June 2018 with the support of CHILDLINE India Foundation Read More
National Award - FIRST PRIZE - ‘Social Innovation 2018' for innovation in the process of inclusion of persons with disabilities through organic farming practices given by Caritas India on 18 Oct 2018 Read More
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We visualize a society based on justice, gender equity and fullness of life for all.


Empowerment of the Marginalized People of the society, especially the Dalits, Women and Children through a process of awareness, organization and collective actions for raising their socio-political, educational, economic, health status and promotion of safe environment


A process of animation among women and men to become aware, form and organize into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated, participatory and sustainable development

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Sustainable Agriculture through Organic Farming :

The contemporary age is witnessing environmental problems like very scanty rain, depletion of water and other natural resources and decaying bio-diversity. The menace has emerged as a result of the greed of human beings with blind use of natural resources. Nature’s reaction is evident in the form of misbalanced environmental equilibrium causing a serious threat to the very existence of ‘life’ on earth. The much talked about concept of ‘sustainable development’ also speaks of optimum use of natural resources and their preservation for the coming generations. In the development sector, innumerable efforts have been done to preserve the nature’s gifts. In this direction, the efforts of PGSS can be few conspicuous but are significant because messages of the PGSS reach directly to the grassroots level.

PGSS, a passionate campaigner of environmental equilibrium, has been taking some micro steps to promote the various agriculture based issue in its focus area since 2007. Various agriculture interventions of PGSS are evident to augment the natural resource management and allied livelihoods, like:-

  • Promotion of livelihood based organic farming,
  • Initiation of SRI method of paddy cultivation,
  • Agro-forestry & agro horticulture practices,
  • Live stock rearing,
  • Promotion of Farmers Facility Centers,
  • Support to marginalized farmers for diversification in agriculture,
  • Promotion of allied agriculture based livelihood opportunities,
  • Augmenting the productivity of lead crops program based on sustainable agriculture,
  • Linkages of model farmers in to NABARD supported Farmers Club program,
  • Formation of Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) and
  • Support to farmers for availing institutional agriculture credits for productive purposes, etc .

As a step further in this direction, PGSS took up the following ventures especially for the small and marginal farmers of focus area.

  • ‘Towards Nature’- Empowerment of the marginalized through Natural Resources Management and Allied Livelihood’
  • Augmenting the productivity of lead crops/ activities through adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Promotion of SRI method of paddy cultivation.
  • Promotion of Disability Inclusive Agro Enterprises based on Organic Farming.
  • Formation of Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) to ensure the productive institutional agriculture credit to land less or small holding farmers.
  • Promotion of NABARD supported Farmer Club program for agriculture and rural development
  • Allied agriculture/ Livelihoods based training to old SHGs members by the support of NABARD.
  • Promotion of Organic Farming through Natural Resource Management and allied livelihoods in 04 neighboring Diocese (Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Varanasi & Allahabad)
  • Implementation of ‘Village Development Plan’ intervention.

Major Achievements in Organic Farming
After the deliberate developmental works with focus small and marginal farmers, followings achievements have been achieved by PGSS.

  • 5200 Farmers (small and marginal) are associated under Organic Farming program.
  • Out of their 6450 acre total cultivated area, 2447 acres of land is covered under organic farming.
  • 45 % women farmers are playing an important role in organic farming program.
  • For the creation the livelihood opportunities and to ensure the diversification in agriculture, organic farmers are motivated to adopt the organic vegetable cultivation practices and at present 736 organic farmers have adopted the organic vegetable cultivation practices
  • To ensure the long term cultivation rights of farmers on their organic field, agro horticulture/ agro forestry practices are being adopting by small and marginal organic farmers
  • Seed banks in 163 villages have been established to ensure the availability of quality seed at village level, completely managed by the members of Farmers Interest Groups. Cereals, legumes, vegetables, oil seed and spices crops seed are available for the farmer members of FIGs.
  • Farmers are trained to make various organic inputs and they use these inputs in their organic field. As on 31st March, 2012, following farm yard based organic manure production sites has been established by the focus farmers:
    • 1653 - Vermi composting,
    • 875 - Vermi wash,
    • 5499 - CPP manure,
    • 512 - B.D. heap,
    • 3038 - Matka manure,
    • 1435 - NADEP compost,
    • 3134 - liquid manure,
    • 3951 - botanical pest repellants,
    • 3719 - FYM compost
  • In the last Rabi crop of 2011 a total of 2688 organic farmers have used trichoderma as bio fertilizers and 1520 farmers used other types of organic composts.
  • Flexible revolving fund schemes are available for the focus farmers for purchase the livestock. Especially, Promotions of indigenous cow rearing is promoted through revolving fund scheme. Hundreds of small farmers have been benefitted.
  • 83 Inclusive Farmers Interest Groups has been formed with the involvement of PwDs farmers/ chief of the house hold of PwDs family member. PwDs farmers’ capacity are being developing as a model farmers, so that they can build their capacity for adopt the allied agriculture activities like Apiculture, Floriculture, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, vegetable cultivation etc based on organic agriculture. At present 161models PwD farmers has been selected and trained.
  • To provide the maximum returns of organic products of farmers, registered organic farmers production are organically certified by SGS (Societe De Generale Suveillance , Switzerland) - an international organic certification agency.
  • SAMRIDHI Green is the brand name of organic value added products which are available for the consumers in the markets. Purchasing of organic products by organic farmers, value addition, packaging and marketing process are managed by Sarvodya Kisan Udyamita Samuh (SKUS). SKUS is an emerged group amongst focus organic farmer of Nichlaul Block in Maharajganj district situated at Indo- Nepal border of Uttar Pradesh state, India.
  • 421 small & marginal farmers are associated in 16 SRI farmers groups for practicing SRI methods of paddy cultivation in 127.38 acre area.
  • 56 Farmers Clubs have been formed by the support of NABARD. All farmers clubs are running smoothly with their annual plan for agriculture & rural development.
  • Formation of 250 Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) is in process. 04 to 06 land less/ small holding farmers are in each JLG for availing the institutional credit for productive agriculture purpose.
  • 3432 farmers of 08 GPs are benefitting through NABARD supported ‘Augmenting the Productivity of Lead Crops’ named project. To augment the productivity of lead crops, seed village concept is one of the major interventions in the project. Under the provisions of project, 3200 farmers are covered under Personal Accidental Insurance Scheme. Technology Transfer Centers (TTCs) and Farmers Field Schools are other highlights of the project.
  • Under the Village Development Program, promotion of solar lights, art of living program for youth, training on vermi composting and Azola, newspapers, magazine and library facilities, rejuvenation of ponds etc are implementing through the platform of CBOs.
  • For the decentralization of the major task and for the participatory planning of agriculture and rural development, three tier structures of Farmers federations has come into view.
    • Village Level Members meet once in every month,
    • Block Level Federation members meet once in 04 months, &
    • Divisional Level Federation members meet once in every six months.
  • 16 Farmers Field School are operated continuously by the model farmers of FIGs for ensuring lab to land program.
  • 12 Farmer Facility Centers are equipped with all necessary agri-tools as well as important organic agri-inputs like neem oil, neem cake and trichoderma etc which are managed by the model volunteer farmers of the area.

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