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PGSS was awarded with Certificate of Appreciation for "Innovation in Programming" by IGSSS during the partners meeting held at Guwahati Read More
PGSS won First Prize at National Level competition for the best Annual Report, organized by Caritas India in Bangalore Read More
International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD) was celebrated on 02nd December 2017 in Gorakhpur. 2792 Children/Persons with Disabilities joined for the celebration. Read More
International Women's Day- 2017 was celebration in all the Community Centres of PGSS in all Seven Districts of Gorakhpur- Basti Divisions Read More
State Award for PGSS: State Government of U.P. awarded PGSS for creating ‘barrier-free environment' Read More
Fr Varghese(Director of PGSS) received the State Award on 03/12/17 from Hon’ble Chief Minister of UP Read More
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We visualize a society based on justice, gender equity and fullness of life for all.


Empowerment of the Marginalized People of the society, especially the Dalits, Women and Children through a process of awareness, organization and collective actions for raising their socio-political, educational, economic, health status and promotion of safe environment


A process of animation among women and men to become aware, form and organize into groups and federations and to take actions for integrated, participatory and sustainable development

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Musahar Development Initiatives

The excluded groups of the society need special attention for an integration in the mainstream of the society. Their vulnerability in terms of lack of access to facilities like education, sustainable income and health push them behind in the development race. To add to their plight are the factors like absence of participation in decision-making, absence of a voice and absence of identity as an excluded community.

Musahar have been victims of social and economic exploitation by centuries, with the problems having worsened in recent decades. The poverty faced by them is an extremely complex phenomenon, which manifests itself in economic, political and social deprivation. In addition to this, the governments' benefits / services, schemes and entitlements hardly reach them. These included no assets, low-income levels, hunger, dismal health, poor education, insecurity, physical and psychological hardship, social exclusion and discrimination. The organisation has been supporting the community in 07 villages falling under Khorabar, Brahmpur and Pipraich block of Gorakhpur district.

Components at a glance:
• SHGs: 07
• Total members of SHGs: 112
• Total Mahila Mandals: 04
• Total Mahila Mandal members: 126
• Total Grain Banks: 04
• Total members of the Grain Bank Committees: 97
• Musahar Manch: 04
• Total members of Musahar Manch: 105


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